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GMUN: User Group Presentations Archive

GMUN General Meeting Presentations




May 16, 2017, presentations:

ETHOS Overview -- Courtney Jarboe

Update on Revised Federal Research Terms and Conditions -- Pamela Webb

Fellows vs. Non-Service -- Heather Broneak/Kelly Farmer

SFR Updates -- Nicole Pilman/Julia Steinkopf Workspace -- Frances Spalding/Luke Lynch


Link to Webex Meeting Recording




September 20, 2016, presentations:

Late Proposal Update/Data and DOL Minimum Wage & Overtime Rule Changes -- Pamela Webb
MN GEMS Update -- April Coon

RCO Risk Summary Pilot -- David March, Rachel Rud
UG Updates -- Nicole Pilman Workspace -- Frances Spalding


Link to Webex Meeting Recording


May 12, 2016, presentations:

System to System Update - Pamela Webb

Late Proposal Update - Pamela Webb

Sale of Capital Assets - Sherrie Kutzler, Sue Paulson

Public Access Policy - Caitlin Bakker, Katherine Chew, Frances Spalding

Grad RA Fringe Changes - Kevin McKoskey

Handouts - SPA training

              - CHORUS (Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States)

              - Federal Funding Agencies Public Access Plans for Publications

              - Deposit Publications


Link to Webex Video Recording



September 22, 2015, presentations:

Transition to DHHS Subaccounts - Kevin McKoskey, Tonya Knutson, Marjorie Nebo

Departmental Financial Closeout Checklist for Sponsored Projects

Discovery Project for Proposal Development and Submission System Project - Pamela Webb

Minnesota Electronic Research Administration System
Summary of Core Functionality Requirements

Late Proposals/Proposal Due Dates to SPA – Pamela Webb

Electronic Subaward Invoice Processing System - Judy Krzyzek

Phasing out of HSAs – Sue Paulson, David Hagen

Link to Webex Video Recording


May 7, 2015, presentations:

Uniform Guidance (UG) (Pamela Webb, Nicole Pilman, Sue Paulson)

ESUP updates (Carrie Meyer)

Late proposals (Pamela Webb)

DHHS Subaccount Transition (Margie Fisher/Kevin McKoskey)

Link to Webex meeting recording




September 30, 2014, presentations:

PRF Summer Updates – Frances Spalding
Fall 2014 Training Schedule

Certified Approvers webpage/ updates/training – Nicole Pilman
Certified Approver Community of Practice Flyer
Uniform Guidance – Pamela Webb, Nicole Pilman, Sue Paulson

Link to UMConnect presentation

May 15, 2014, presentations:

Simplify Fringe Proposal - University Departmental Expense Only - Julie Tonneson
FY 2015 Fringe Rate Detail by Fringe Component
Research, Education and Oversight Updates (RCR Changes) - Sarah Waldemar
Transition to DHHS Subaccounts - Sue Paulson
Updates on Uniform Guidance "Circzilla" and Updates on Grants Job Study - Pamela Webb

Link to UMConnect presentation


October 8, 2013, presentations:

ASSIST – Frances Spalding, Leslie Kennedy, Wendy Diedrich
Policy changes with overdrafts on NIH non modular awards– Sue Paulson
NIH Change to Sub Account Draw - Pamela Webb/ Tonya Knutson
NIH P Account Transition - Impact on CON Numbers
Hot topics – Pamela Webb

Link to UMConnect presentation

May 9, 2013, presentations:

FCOI and Consultants - Pamela Webb
OMB Changes - Pamela Webb
Sequestration - Pamela Webb
Capital Equipment Threshold - Sue Paulson and Sherrie Kutzler
PI Transfers - Sue Paulson
RPPR & My NCBI - Frances Spalding
NSF REUs and Participant Costs - Amy Rollinger and Rachel Surber

Link to UMConnect presentation


September 25, 2012, presentations:

Reporting Update - Julie Tonneson & Sue Paulson
E-protocol – Pamela Webb
How we Develop Polices at the U - Michele Gross
Hot Topics - Pamela Webb

Link to UMConnect presentation

May 10, 2012, presentations:

SPECTRUM - Frances Spalding
NIH Supplement Issue – Frances Spalding
Fixed price changes – Marjorie Nebo
Upcoming PHS COI changes for subrecipients – Pamela Webb
Effort certification cycles and forthcoming cost transfer changes – Pamela Webb
Cost Transfer Approval Matrix

Link to UMConnect presentation


October 11, 2011, presentations:

Hot Topics – Pamela Webb
Grant Staff Job Classification Update – Pamela Webb
Travel Policy – Beth Tapp
PI Reports – Sue Paulson
BI Pilot – Sue Paulson

Link to UMConnect presentation

May 12, 2011, presentations:

Hennepin County Cooperative Master Agreement
Work Orders Under the 2007 - 2010 Hennepin County/U of M Master Cooperative Agreement
Hot Topics
SPECTRUM Curriculum Map
Questions for Central and Departmental Research Administrators
May 2011 NIH Policy Updates
EFS Reports Update
Sponsored Non-Sponsored Summary - Overall
Sponsored Project Activity by Project Period
Payroll Detail

Link to UMConnect presentation


September 23, 2010, presentations:

Carry-forward requests
Cost transfer reports both salary/non-salary
Subawards, SPA’s risk analysis & October 1st FFATA Changes
Risk Analysis Form
ARRA stats and reporting issues regarding stimulus funding
EGMS Summer Fringe Calculations
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect: (Will need to cut and paste to browser)

May 20, 2010, presentations:

ECRT Update
Department Prep for Financial System Project Closeouts
Long-term Reporting Strategy
Update on Departmental Research Administrator Certification program (SPECTRUM)
Hot Topics
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:


September 24, 2009, presentations:

ARRA Reporting & Obligations
PRF Update
PRF Update Project site
Department Administrator Training Program Initiative
Course Catalog
Committee Signup
GPC Enhancements & New Reports
Sample Reports
Hot Topics, e.g ECRT, Part-Time Non-Academic Policy
HR Online I-9 Job Aid for E-Verify
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:

May 7, 2009, presentations:

Stimulus Update
Stimulus tracking/sponsored year-end reporting
Status of Revisions on PRF
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:


October 21, 2008, Effort/ECRT presentations:

Retro-fit of ECRT
Cost Sharing presentation
Cost Sharing handout
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:

October 9, 2008, presentations:

EFS-SP Job Aids and News from the Front
Cost Share & Cost Share Budgets
Reporting Update
Journal Entry Job Aid
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:

May 8, 2008, presentations:

Conversion update/Cutover dates & transition
SPA rebudgeting
AR monitoring updates
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:

January 24, 2008, presentations:

EFS – Conversion and Beyond
Cost Share/ Match and Adobe platform
EFS - Sponsored Reports & Queries

EFS - Sponsored Reports Supplement

January 2008 Updates

To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:


September 27, 2007, presentations:

Federal (and Hot Topics!) Update (GMUN Presentation 09-27-07 PAW)
Hennepin County-University Master Contract
GMUN Survey Results Fall 2007
GMUN Survey Summary
Fostering Integrity in Research, Scholarship, and Teaching (FIRST): Update on RCR Program
Research Education Requirements
EFS and Policy & Procedures Changes and GPC Overview
NOGA Mockup with Field Names
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:

June 14, 2007, presentations:

The Smarter PRF
Effort Certification Changes
To access the meeting recorded on UMConnect:

February 22, 2007, presentations:
Best Practices 2008
KT New Bid Thresholds
ICR Policy Update
EW Effort Presentation
Effort Reporting 2008



October 13, 2006, presentations:
GMUN 10-13-06 EFS
Change in Standing Receipt Date
GMUN WinAnn presentation slides
Requesting Adobe Handouts
EGMS Integration to
EGMS Schedule of
OES External Sales Procedures Greg Miller
GMUN Effort Handouts
Effort Reporting Pay Period Schedule 2008

May 11, 2006, presentations:
Ed Wink Presentation
Mike Volna Policy Update to GMUN
NIH Modular F&A calculation checklist
GMUN On-Off-Campus-Matrix

January 19, 2006, presentations:
Export Controls 101-1
Export Controls 102-1
IRC Revenue Sharing
GMUN-proposal process
SF 424 Page 1
SF 424 Page 2


October 6, 2005, presentations:
Small Business Reporting
    Small Business Example
    Standard Form 294
    Standard Form 295
Enterprise Financial System (EFS)
Private Support for the U of M

May 10, 2005, presentations:
Material Transfer Agreements
Account Reconciliation Tool
Report on External Professional Activities
Effort Certification (ECRT )
     ECRT Quarters-FY06

January 20, 2005, presentations:
Construction Project Proposals
NIH Reporting hanges
Overview of NIH Types of Awards
A Gift, a Grant, or an External Sale?


September 22, 2004, presentations:
E-proposals & Cost Sharing
Cost Sharing Best Practices
In-kind Contribution Sample Letter
eResearch Central

May 6, 2004
The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.