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SPA Proposal Deadline Calculator

Effective January 30, 2007 Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) will require principal investigators (PIs) to deliver all proposals to SPA at least five (5) working days prior to the sponsor's official published submission deadline.
  • Most sponsors extend their deadlines to the next business day if they originally fall on a weekend. Check with SPA for specific updates.
  • All proposals that meet the deadline will be processed first. Those that come in late due to extenuating circumstances with a written explanation will receive priority after those that meet the deadline. All other late submissions will be processed last. SPA staff will do its best to submit tardy proposals but will make no guarantees if there are subsequent errors or system delays
Enter the sponsor's official published submission deadline and press the Calculate button to calculate the date your proposal will be due at SPA. The deadline calculator will take into account weekend days and official University holidays. Contact SPA at 612-624-5599 if you have additional questions.

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