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SPA Emergency Contacts:

Ed Wink -, phone 612-625-3415
Pat Jondahl -, phone 612-626-2244

Please email both Ed and Pat

Click here for SFR Closure Information
Click here for Duluth and Morris SPA Closure Information


As you know, the University is subject to a a three-day furlough for most staff between Christmas and New Year's, and most University offices will be closed during this time. I am writing to confirm that SPA will  be closed during this period (December 28-December 30th).   SPA will, however, have an emergency contact person available (with signature authority)  to handle true emergencies (see definition of what constitutes an emergency below).   

Please note that Monday, December 20th at noon has been established as the deadline for most proposals, invoices, and other transactions to be submitted to SPA to ensure that processing can be completed by 5:00 p.m. on December 23rd before the Winter Closure period begins.  If you are able to submit materials earlier than this deadline, SPA would be most appreciative!    SPA has purposely set this deadline as late as possible to allow investigators and departments as much time as possible to prepare materials.  It is highly unlikely that any extensions to this deadline will be approved.     Please note that the deadline requires submission of "complete, ready-to-submit or process materials."    If incomplete information (e.g., a proposal missing some of its required elements or a PRF without all required signatures, or a subaward invoice missing the PI's signature)  is submitted to SPA, those transactions will not be considered  to have met the deadline, and will most likely have to be deferred for processing until January 2011.   Materials that are complete but contain errors that are caught during the SPA review process are not considered "incomplete," but PIs and departments are reminded that departmental personnel need to be available to make corrections in a timely manner to ensure that processing can be completed by December 23rd. 

A complete list of deadlines is listed below.  Please don't hesitate to contact your SPA Grants Administrator if you have any questions about these due dates or what is required for submission.  

With thanks,



December 9, 2010, 5 p.m.

  • Deadline for fully-signed PRF, Budget, and Statement of Work for Industry-Funded Agreements that the sponsor requires to be completed (fully-executed) by December 31st.  
Note that because these negotiations also depend on the industry sponsor, SPA cannot guarantee that these agreements will be executed by 12/31/10 but SPA will make every effort to have these complete.    Industry-funded agreement materials submitted after this date will be worked on as well, but they will be given lower priority.

December 20, 2010, noon: 
  • complete (ready-to-submit) Grants.Gov proposals (with fully-signed PRFs) due to sponsors anytime between December 23-January 4th
  • paper or other electronic proposals  (with fully-signed PRFs) due to sponsors anytime between December 21 - January 3rd
  • rebudgeting requests
  • requests to open additional budget accounts
  • no cost-time extension requests (either agency-approved or SPA-approved)
  • prior approval requests
  • material needed to issue subwards
  • PI-approved subaward invoices that need to be paid
All complete materials submitted to SPA by December 20th at noon will be processed by the end of the day on Thursday, December 23rd (or earlier as proposal deadlines indicate).   In the interest of being fair to everyone who submits their materials on-time, proposals or materials submitted or completed after this date likely will NOT be processed until January 2011, and will not be worked on until after all on-time materials have been finalized.

December 23, 5:00 p.m. SPA closes for the rest of the year. 

December 28-30thSPA CLOSED 
SPA will have emergency contact persons - Ed Wink,, 612-625-3415 and Pat Jondahl,, 612-626-2244 on call to handle processing of materials that could not have been reasonably submitted prior to the published cut-offs listed above (for example, a program officer that requests specific materials from a PI on December 28th and needs them by December 30th). 

These contact persons are not expected, however, to handle proposals or other materials that could reasonably have been submitted but were not turned in on time.  SPA will request a description of the nature of the emergency when the emergency contact person’s services are needed.   Please note that proposals submitted to "" will NOT be processed until January 3rd.   If a proposal submission falls within the guidelines of an "emergency submission" provided above, it will need to be provided directly to both of the emergency contact persons at SPA using the contact information supplied.  Any paper-based proposals or other materials that require hard-copy mailing that are processed on an emergency basis will need to be picked up, copied, and mailed by the PI/department rather than SPA.

January 3, 2011, 8:00 a.m. - SPA re-opens. 
  • Grants.Gov submissions due on January 5th or January 6th may be submitted by 9:00 a.m. on January 3rd and still be considered "on-time."  This is a special, one-time adjustment of the normal 5 day deadline for proposals due on those specific dates ONLY.  Grants.Gov submissions due on January 3rd or January 4th must be submitted PRIOR to the winter closure by the December 20th deadline above.
  • Normal processing resumes

Pamela A. Webb
Associate Vice President for Research Administration
Sponsored Projects Administration
University of Minnesota
PH: (612) 624-1648



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