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Revised Subaward Invoice Payment Process

Pamela Webb's memo sent 2/13/15



As you may have heard at the Sponsored Projects Symposium and in various Uniform Guidance informational sessions, there are a number of important changes in the new federal regulations regarding subawards.  Two of these changes are the mandatory review and retention of programmatic reports required on subawards, and the obligation to pay “proper” subaward invoices within 30 days of receipt.  The University must make changes to its current business processes to achieve compliance with these new requirements.  

The web site link shown below describes these changes in detail; in a nutshell, invoices  related to all new and modified subawards issued on or after February 13, 2015 will be directed to a central email receiving box and then sent to PIs/Departments for review/approval, and then back to SPA for payment.  Reminders will be sent if needed to ensure timely review.  PIs will be responsible for deciding if they will require programmatic reports on subawards, and if they do, they will be asked to certify that they have reviewed all required programmatic reports at the time they sign off on invoices.

More details on these revised processes can be found at:

Departments are encouraged to be involved in the invoice review process, and SPA is offering the opportunity to ensure that a departmental administrator can be copied every time an invoice is routed for approval. This notification will be based on the department providing SPA with up to two email addresses per DeptID.  Instructions for how to have your departmental contacts added to the master list are at the first question of the FAQs:

If you have any questions, please contact Associate Director Judy Krzyzek at or Principal Grant Administrator Andrea Marshall at




--  Pamela A. Webb
                Associate Vice President for Research Administration
                University of Minnesota
       (612) 624-1648


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