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Overview of Grants Management in PeopleSoft

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Peoplesoft Modules and Interactions

The PeopleSoft Grants module supports the key business processes that are associated with
the administration of sponsored research activities. However, Grants is not a stand alone
application as it leverages functionality that is delivered within the PeopleSoft Project Costing, Contracts, Billing, and Receivables modules, to provide a fully integrated Grants Management solution – sometimes referred to as the “Grants Suite."

Grants Integration Overview

Illustrated below is a graphic of the Grants Financial System module integration.

Grants Module       

The PeopleSoft Grants module is designed to support the key business processes associated with the administration of sponsored research activities. It is the primary module for managing proposal (i.e. pre-award) and award (i.e. post-award) data and processes.  Grants administrative functions include proposal and budget preparation and submission, award processing, award management, reporting and award closeout.

The Grants module primarily interfaces with the Contracts and Projects module for the award setup process.

Projects Module    

The Project Costing (or Projects) module’s primary purpose for award management is to collect financial transactions associated with sponsored projects, and to provide a place to store additional terms and conditions applicable to a single project. It can be thought of as a repository of project activity for budgeting, billing, and reporting purposes.

The Projects module:

1. Maintains project IDs and activity IDs to manage award costs and revenues.

2. Maintains budget and ChartField information.

3. Serves as a repository for award transactions.

Contracts Module 

The Contracts module’s primary purpose for award management is sponsored billing and revenue recognition. The Projects module may contain more than one project for an award.  The Contracts module relates the many projects to a single award for consolidated billing.

The Contracts module:

1. Maintains billing parameters such as the bill to customer, billing frequency, and contract/billing limits.

2. Defines billing and revenue recognition plans.

3. Defines and maintains financial reporting plans and parameters.

4. Contracts are used as a gateway between Projects and Billing.

The Billing, Receivable, Commitment Control, and feeder modules of Payables, Purchasing, Travel and Expense, and Asset Management process the sponsored project’s transactions and pass the transactions to General Ledger, and Projects utilizes the budget control functions from the Commitment Control module. These modules are primarily used in processing, and, with the exception of Commitment Control, are not part of the award setup process.

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