(from the March 2001 Research Review)

Enhanced AREPA Form Supports Disclosure Requirements
Improved data entry and approval features aid compliance with Regents policy

The EGMS "A Report of External Professional Activities" (AREPA) is an online version of the paper Form 15 that was used at the University for many years. As in the past, faculty and professional and academic (P &A) staff are required (by the Regents Policy on Conflict of Interest) to complete this form at least once a year. In addition, a new AREPA form must be completed whenever, throughout the year, substantial changes have occurred in the employee's financial or business interests that may pose a potential conflict of interest. Regents policy also requires disclosure of financial or business interests to the University when submitting proposals for sponsored research, when receiving financial contributions, and when involved with technology transfer. Federal guidelines also require such disclosures when submitting research protocols to the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

To facilitate the many required uses of AREPA submissions and to enhance the University community's compliance with Regental and federal policy and regulation, the EGMS AREPA form has been improved to simplify both data entry and form approval. This article provides a reminder of the policies governing potential conflicts of interest and their disclosure, lists the new features of the EGMS AREPA form, and provides a list of resources related to EGMS and the AREPA.

Requirements for AREPA filing

When a faculty or staff member reports external professional activities on the AREPA, the University can ensure that these activities are reviewed and are compatible with the employee's primary duties at the University. If the faculty or staff member indicates on the AREPA that the activities have the potential for a conflict of interest, the University can work with the individual to manage the potential conflict whenever possible. The new online tools, available March, 2001, allow the University to streamline the identification and resolution of potential conflicts of interest.

A faculty or staff member may also file an AREPA form to fulfill the reporting requirements of the Regents Policy on Outside Consulting, Service Activities, and Other Work. Faculty and staff members should use the online ROC (Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement; also available through EGMS) form to secure prior approval for consulting and external service, as required by Regents policy.

With the new tools in place, if an individual has filed at least one AREPA during the reporting year (September 1, 2000 - August 31, 2001 for the current year), he or she will not be required to file a form at the end of the reporting year. Those who did not file an AREPA at any time during the year need to submit an end-of-year form (even if there are no external activities to report).

New features of the EGMS AREPA

Data entry simplifications or enhancements:

Approvals, compliance, and form tracking:

Additional resources

Additional information about the AREPA (including instructions for preparing and reviewing AREPAs using the new features mentioned in this article) is posted on the EGMS Web site, at http://nirvana.ospa.umn.edu/nirvana/form-help/AREPA.html.

For policy-related AREPA questions, contact your department's Human Resources representative. You can find contact information for your representative at http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/st/main/hrpros/bydept.htm.

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