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Export Controls

Welcome to the University’s Export Controls web site.  Here you will find information about federal regulations governing technology transfers to non-U.S. personnel, shipments abroad, and international transactions having certain foreign policy and national security implications.  If you have any questions about these topics or this site, please don’t hesitate to contact Patrick Briscoe, the University’s Export Controls and International Projects Officer (612-625-3860, 


What's new?

Export controls are not only complicated and often mystifying; they are also dynamic, changing quickly in response to world events and U.S. Government foreign policy priorities.  Stay apprised of key developments of concern to the University community here.

What are export controls?

Export controls are federal statutes and regulations that govern certain transactions having international components, such as—

The purposes of these regulations are to protect national security and promote the foreign policy objectives of the U.S. and its allies by controlling the transfer of goods, technologies, services, and money to non-U.S. persons and locations.


Video overviews of export controls

These brief videos discuss the fundamentals of export controls and economic sanctions.


When should I consult the Export Controls Officer?

  • Whenever sponsors attempt to impose publication or personnel access restrictions on research activities, unless a grant administrator in the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is already handling the matter with the Export Controls Officer.

  • Before receiving export-controlled technical information from an outside party, such as an industry or U.S. Government research sponsor, unless a SPA grant administrator is already handling the matter with the Export Controls Officer.

  • Whenever documents from sponsors or other parties refer to the EAR, the ITAR, or export controls generally.

  • Before accepting hardware, software, technology, or technical data from an outside party (such as an industry sponsor) to be used in a project as part of an instructional course.

  • Before exporting from the U.S. any technologies, equipment, materials, or chemical or biological agents (including toxins and genetic elements) on the EAR’s Commerce Control List.

  • Before handling or exporting from the U.S. any hardware, software, technical data, or services subject to the ITAR.

  • Before traveling to an embargoed country—
    • Cuba
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Sudan (North)
    • Syria

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