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Professional Development and Training Opportunities

Updated: 6/13/17


Upcoming professional development and training opportunities for certified approvers, departmental research administrators, and grant administrators.

Follow the links to:


Date Session
Certified Approver Cont Ed Credits

Of Interest to Dept

Research Admins

6/22/17-6/23/17 SRA Research Integrity Management Intensive Workshop (Arlington, VA) TBD *
7/17/17-7/21/17 LES University (Chicago, IL) TBD *
7/19/17-7/20/17 SRA Metrics Program in Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN) TBD *
7/19/17-7/21/17 Basic of Research Administration in Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN) TBD *
8/6/17-8/9/17 NCURA Annual Meeting (Washington, DC) 6 *
9/6/17-9/8/17 FDP - Federal Demonstration Project (Washington, DC) N/A  
10/2/17-10/5/17 NCURA 2017 National Conference on College Cost Accounting (NACCA) - Leading Excellence in Research Costing Practices (Bethesda, MD) TBD *
10/11/17-10/13/17 NCURA Departmental Research Administration Workshop (West Palm Beach, FL) TBD *
10/11/17-10/13/17 NCURA Financial Research Administration Workshop (West Palm Beach, FL) TBD *
10/11/17-10/13/17 NCURA Level I: Fundamentals of Sponsored Project Administration Workshop (West Palm Beach, FL) No *
10/14/17-10/18/17 SRA International 2017 Annual Meeting (Vancouver, Canada) TBD *
10/22/17-10/25/17 LES 2017 Annual Meeting (Chicago, IL) TBD *
10/25/17-10/27/17 NIH Regional Seminar (Baltimore, MD) TBD *
1/7/18-1/9/18 FDP - Federal Demonstration Project (Washington, DC) N/A  
2/20/17 Sponsored Projects Symposium XI (Minneapolis, MN) 6 *
4/27/18-5/1/18 LESI 2018 Meeting (San Diego, CA) TBD *
5/9/18-5/11/18 FDP - Federal Demonstration Project (Washington, DC) N/A  
9/5/18-9/7/18 FDP - Federal Demonstration Project (Washington, DC) N/A  
10/14/18-10/17/18 LES 2018 Annual Meeting (Boston, MA) TBD *

Check out NCURA's Tuesdays where each week your colleagues will be sharing tips and information on topics of interest to research administrators on NCURA's YouTube Channel!

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If you have any questions or if you learn of other opportunities to include on this list, please contact Frances Spalding (612-625-0848), Laura Geno (612-626-7437) or Sarah Waldemar (612-624-8349).
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