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Frequently Requested Information
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Academic salary floors

Certified Approver Exam Schedule

Cell phone (purchasing on federal grants)

Clinical and Translational Science Institute (formerly Research Services Organization)

Code of Federal Regulations

Community of Science

Conflict of Interest -- UM

Conflict of Interest -- NIH

Continuing Award Account Set-Up

CUFS-friendly budget

Deadline (proposal) policy

DHHS GrantsNet

DOE forms

Effort certification template

Effort reporting

Electronic proposal submissions

Enterprise Financial System

Environmental Health & Safety

Expense allowability -- What can I spend grant money on?

F&A (indirect) cost

F&A Cost Waivers

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Federal Agencies directory

Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

Federal Program Support Center

Federal Register

Federal Register Notice

Federal Register Online

Federal Regulations

Financial Reports

Find an Expert

Forms and Templates

Fringe Benefit Rates by component

Generate a Custom Report

Grants Management Users' Network (GMUN)

Hospitality and special expenses policy

Human subjects

Interim Account

Internal Funding

Intra-university consulting fees

Late Payment

Library of financial forms

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

Modifying Subcontract Threshold

National Research Service Award (NRSA) Stipend Levels - Federal FY 2002

NIH--information and tools

NIH Forms

NIH Grants Policy Statement

NIH Prior Approvals

NSF--information and tools

NSF Grant Policy Manual

OMB Circulars

OMB Standard Forms (SF-424, A-21, A-110, . . .)

Oversight Reports

Paper Proposal Review

PI Departure steps

PI Welcome steps

Policies, procedures, guidelines related to research

Preaward / Advance Account Request Form

Principal Investigator Reports

Prior Approval Requests

Program Income

Proposal (SPA) deadline policy

Publication of research results policy

RCR Training Schedule

Record Retention Schedule

Regents' Policy Page

Reports -- PI and Sponsored

Research Animal per diem

Research Subjects Protection Programs

Standard Institutional information requested by research sponsors

Training Services

Types of Federal Reports and Responsibility for Submission

United States Code

University Tax Letters (2)

What can I spend grant money on?

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