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Office of the Vice President for Research

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Office of the Vice President for Research
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New! NSF pilot - Spreadsheet Template for Identifying Collaborators and Other Affiliations

FY 2018 Fringe Benefit Rates

FY17 PS-Friendly Budget Worksheet

FDP Pilot Adding Additional Institutions  "Cohort 2" - Will Change Use of Subrecipient Commitment Forms

Tool to Calculate Stepped Increases in F&A Rates

List of NIH Continuations to be Assigned a New CON Number

Sunset of HSAs in HRMS 8.9

Uniform Guidance Proposal PI Quick Guide - Version 3

FY2016 Fringe Benefit Rates Approved

Revised Subaward Invoice Payment Process (Memo from Pamela Webb)

Uniform Guidance Subawards PI Quick Guide

University Website for Uniform Guidance Information

Information on the new NIH biosketch format

Pilot Program for Enhancement of Employee Whistleblower Protection

Trade Sanctions and the University Community; or, One Reason Spring Break: Pyongyang Is Not a Show (May 7, 2014)

NIH Commons Accounts for Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Announcements Archive (view old announcements)

SPA Contact &
Department Assignments

Department Assignments (7/19/17)

SPA Org Chart

Research Administration Division Org Chart (7/17/17)

Fund Bucket Definitions

Job Openings:

Grant and Contract Administrator (Job #316794)

Grant and Contract Administrator (Job #318196)

SPA Assistant Director (Job #318189)


Grant Application Resources

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Check out the new Classes:

ERSS Training and Support: For a description and listing of classes and labs offered by SPA, click here


SPA Specialized Support Available for Investigators Working with Community-Based and Small Business Sponsors/Subrecipients

Quick Guide for Proposal Preparation and Submission


MyNCBI & RPPR Resources

eRA Commons delegation to Assistant for Administrative Supplements

Encrypted PDF files cannot be submitted to or the eRA Commons

Database to track un-funded research agreements entitled UFRA is now available

Instructions for the Submission of Very Large Electronic Proposals File

Links and Information

SPECTRUM Class documentation: Participant Guide

   Managing Subawards Participant Guide
   Planning and Issuing Subawards Participant Guide
xTrain Resource Center
Things to know about the new "My NCBI" tool

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    Standard Institutional Information/
    Cognizant Federal Agency Information
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Sponsor resources and guides


Electronic Grant Applications Assistance:
Contact your Grant Administrator

EGMS Helpline:
612.624.1600 or

eProtocol Helpline:

612.624.0467 or


Research Tools

Research forms and rates
Current research rates and various required forms (effort, F&A indirect cost rates, NRSA stipends, . . .)

Research policies and procedures
Research policies, the SPA grants management manual, MTAs, expedited PRFs for B&I clinical trial agreements, and information on NIH and NSF

Sponsor-required information
Information that funding agencies frequently request (W-9, IDC agreement, institutional information, . . .)

Professional development and training opportunities
Upcoming classes, seminars, and workshops

EFS-SP Website
Enterprise Financial System Website


Electronic tools
EGMS, ECRT, REPA, financial reports, and electronic proposals

Research compliance
(conflict of interest, certified approver, IRB, IACUC, RCR, ICB, . . .)

Effort Reporting
Important documents, dates, manuals and other information relevant to effort reporting

Research funding
Funding opportunities and information on completing funding applications

Information and resources for working with subawards

Grants Management Users' Network

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For SPA Employees

Research at the U of M

Featured Research

Resources for SPA Employees (internal access only - use Internet Explorer)

SPA class associated PowerPoint presentations

Research Facts & Statistics


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