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PRF Update Project

Pamela Webb's April 28, 2010, Announcement regarding PRF Bug Fixes and Updates Released April 25th

The purpose of this project is to update the PRF to be more in line with the Enterprise Financial System (EFS), to reflect various policy and procedural updates, to reflect changes in the array of data needed by the institution to effectively manage sponsored projects, and to respond to user requests for enhancements and improvements.

Major project steps:

  • Create campus workgroup (completed Fall 2008)
  • Gather input from staff and faculty about changes needed (completed January 2009)
  • Assess changes for technical feasibility (completed February 2009)
  • Create detailed functional specifications and generate on-line and print prototypes (completed August 2009)
  • Vet prototype with campus users (August - September 2009)
  • Finalize design (September 2009)
  • Program changes (Fall 2009)
  • Test (January-February 2010)
  • Decide on cutover to new form (March 22, 2010)
  • Train campus in use of new form (March-April 2010)
  • Release March 28, 2010 (planned)

PRF Go-Live

Pamela Webb's announcements of March 26, 2010, concerning the release of the updated PRF:

Known PRF Bugs, Defects or Limitations and Plans for their Resolution (Updated 4/26/10)
List of PRF Training Classes
Frances Spalding's presentation "Introduction to the New PRF: A Walk Through the Changes"
Full List of PRF Changes

Forthcoming Release and Training Version of PRF

Pamela Webb 3/3/10 Announcement re: Training Version and Release Plans
Link to training version of Stand-alone PRF
Link to training version of PRF via EGMS Proposal Preparation

Review of Prototype (August 28, 2009 - September 15, 2009)

PRF Review Period Feedback and Outcomes
Pamela Webb 8/28/09 email requesting review
List of PRF Changes
Sample of Updated printed (PDF) version of PRF*
Sample of On-line screens for PRF ("Fully Exploded")*

"Fully Exploded" means that every option for every field is displayed. This view has been created solely to aid in your review; the actual on-line PRF will be shorter as it will display only the top-level questions and top-level options. When a question is answered "yes", the relevant sub-questions and their options would then open for the user to complete (similar to today's form).

*Note, data included in the samples are not real and are merely intended to illustrate the range of fields that can be used on a PRF. Some logical inconsistencies may exist and should be ignored.

Do you like the updated form? The changes we've made? Is the wording clear?
Send input to: by September 15, 2009.

PRF Update Working Group

-Karen Hawkinson, Grants Coordinator, Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development
-Sallie Quammen, Grant Coordinator, College of Education and Human Development
-Bridget Foss, Senior Grants Administrator, SPA
-Frances Spalding, Training Coordinator, SPA
-Rodney Chaffee, InfoTech Professional, Information Technology and Research Support Systems
-Brittany Lloyd, Senior Manager, OIT
-Julie Pingue, Systems Analyst, OIT
-Emily Talley, InfoTech Professional, Information Technology and Research Support Systems
-Pamela Webb, Associate Vice President, SPA (Chair)



Requirements Specification (6/11/09)

View proposed List of PRF Changes
last updated:   12/12/08

Existing PRF Document

Existing EGMS Stand-Alone PRF Screens (sample)

PRF Update Presentation (GMUN May 7, 2009)

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